Monday, July 21, 2008


This sign was taken apart and completely refurbished last week which got me to noticing other "signage" during my "marine layer" shrouded morning walk this morning. By the way, the morning temperature was a cool 52 degrees this fine "summery" day of the twenty first of July!!

I've never stopped in this establishment. I thought about getting one while in the Navy but those days are long gone.

I hear this is really good and quite pricey. Never been.

Get here early or stand in line. Eggs Benedict!! The best anywhere!!

I like their sign holder. Makes sense to me!

Highly recommended.

I love their sign. They recently moved from Redwood to Laurel.

The only cut-out metal sign I have noticed outside of weather vanes.

And finally, I noticed the Laurel Street "signage" is being refreshed.

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  1. Nits has good food, or at least it did the last time we ate there.

    Piaci's has a nice sign, and the pizza is good, too.