Friday, July 25, 2008

Main Street Re-do

There have been a few setbacks but progress is progressing.

I understand the "grinder" hit some of the wires for the traffic light controller so repairs are under way.

Meanwhile other portions of Main Street / Highway One are being ground down and prepared for asphalt.
Someone commented on Wednesdays blog that those trucks I was following might be hauling "scrapings" inland. I talked to one of the CalTrans guys and he said all the removed material is being hauled to two holding sites north and south of Fort Bragg. None are going inland. The material will be used as road side fill and not re-mixed into the new layer.

I noticed that the destruction of some of the main buildings on the Mill Site property is finally underway.

It doesn't look like a salvage operation.

Maybe the metal will be recycled.

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