Tuesday, July 15, 2008

July 15th!

Hi Kids! Six weeks of sloth in Seattle is over. I'm back in the saddle again! Back to my morning walks around Fort Bragg. It is time to see "What's going on"!

Remember P for Pothole on Perkins? Well, the P and the Pothole is still there but the P is phading phast!!

I see the kids have just a bit over a month of Summer Vacation left.

The "oldie but goodie" trailer on Harold Street has been repainted. I liked the Cream and Purple color scheme a lot better.

Swinging by Safeway I see the parking lot full of equipment from Marin County. As you may know there have been major forest fires in California and there are still fires burning here and there in the coastal range.

These units were parked by Coast Tire.

Out of town firefighters are staying in motels all around town. I'm walking around town between 6 and 7 AM. I'm sure all this equipment will be back at it by 8:00 AM.

"Signage" is up at the north and south end of Main Street announcing the repaving project but so far I only see the storm drains plugged off...

and the ubiquitous markings for sewer, water, power and other things that lurk under the street.

And, Good News! The vandalized trees have been replaced!! This one on the corner by the Post Office.

You may have noticed in these photos that our Annual Summertime Coastal Marine Layer is in. When it gets hot inland we get cool!


The New York Times had an article about the fires that featured my friend Charlie Acker who lives in Elk, just 25 miles south of here.

Laurel's blog MendoCoastCurrent has been featuring a lot of news about the fires. Scroll down for previous stories.

And here are some amazing fire fighting photos.


  1. Hi Ron
    I hope that you enjoyed your stay in Seattle.
    Good to have you back blogging.