Thursday, March 13, 2008

Whining and Sniveling

6:45 AM and it is dark. Damn daylight saving time! Even the Ravens are still in bed. There was a light rain last night so there are puddles along this one-way street between Maple and Willow.

Cherry trees are blossoming but I had to use a flash to see them! Damn daylight saving time!

But it will be different this coming Saturday. I plan on attending the Whale Run and Walk. I hope to see you there. Here is their website.

And, as long as I have your attention.... Anyone have any idea what this plant is? I found it leaning against a mail box last week with a "Free" sign on it. (It is 5' 6" tall.) I brought it home and have spent over an hour Googling it and looking around on Wikipedia. I have looked at cacti and I have looked at succulents. I have also e-mailed friends. No joy! It has two little thorns at the base of each leaf. The main stem has two rows of thorns but the branches have three! Help!


  1. I only know this as a crown-of-thorns plant!


  2. Nope. It isn't a crown-of-thorns plant. They are a lot "drier" and a lot more stickery.

    But thanks!

  3. Have you asked Rella at Simply Succulents, Airport Road? SL

  4. Maybe a species of Euphorbia?