Sunday, March 30, 2008

Da Plan! Da Plan!

Okay, kids, here is what I have in mind for my Birthday Walk. As you may remember last year I walked 6.6 miles on my birthday. This year I decided walking 6.7 miles on my 67th birthday really wasn't much of an improvement so I decided to walk 67 miles instead! The thing is, there is no way I could walk 67 miles in one go so I decided to break it up into ten little hikes of 6.7 miles each. My birthday is on the 10th of April so I plan to start April First, (April Fool's Day as it so happens) and, why not!! Anyway, here are my plans for each day's walk and I welcome anyone who wants to walk along. Each walk will start at 6:30 AM "Sharp" at the Headlands Cafe. Each walk will finish around 9:00 AM.

Tuesday, April 1st. During these walks I plan to walk all the streets of Fort Bragg starting with the "Northern Sector"! A Stage Coach Step and a couple of horse and buggy tie-down rings will be featured along the way!

Wednesday April 2nd. The "Middle Sector" will feature some more horse and buggy tie-down rings and a former livery stable.

Thursday April 3rd. We will visit Fort Bragg's version of "Wall Street" and observe the famous "Boat House".

Friday, April 4th. This walk will include funny little Hazel Street, South Street and Myrtle Street a street that "is not named after a tree!". We will also circle through Noyo Harbor.

Saturday, April 5th and a nice day for a jaunt to Mackerricher State Park and back crossing over the Pudding Creek Trestle Bridge and the Virgin Creek Bridge along the way.

Sunday, April 6th. Investigate the A&W Haul Road? Bird song and flowers, anyone?

Monday April 7th. A ramble out the Skunk Train tracks to the Chinese built tunnel and back on Sherwood Road. That's the plan!

Tuesday, April 8th. A walk around the main perimeter of Fort Bragg, which is, you guessed it, 6.7 miles!!
Wednesday April 9th. A walk to the Pomo Bluff State Park and the Glass Beach State Park which will include two bridges, the 30 million dollar Highway One Noyo Bridge and the 3.5 million dollar Pudding Creek Trestle Bridge.

Thursday April 10th. I think a walk to Happy Lane will be just the ticket for my final Birthday Walk!!

E-mail me at if any of these walks catch your fancy.


  1. Ron: I'm inspired. My Birthday is on the 6th. I mentioned your plan (which now seems to be almost military in its precision) to my wife and she panicked - she thought that I intended to fly to California to join you for a walk! (If only!)
    I shall be 42 on Sunday the 6th, so my aim will be to walk 42 miles. Luckily this will be the start of a 2 week holiday so that should be reasonably easy to do if I spread it out as you intend to.
    Enjoy your walking!

  2. Ron - I'm sorry, I can't leave it alone! On Sunday, will you be stopping for a root beer on the A&W Haul Road?