Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Post Equinox

The full moon was a treat this Equinox. We watched it rise during dinner last night and this morning I observed it setting.

I barely caught it before it set behind the tree, the mill site and then, the sea.

Here is one place to get the news, near and far, outside Down Home Foods on Franklin street.

Another shopping cart for my collection. This one belongs to Harvest market and is over a mile from home.


Note: Folk tales from various European countries claim that only on the March equinox day (some may add the September equinox day or may explicitly not), one can balance an egg on its point. However one can balance an egg on its point any day of the year if one has the patience.

Speaking of patience. This is my 300th blog post. I thank you readers for your patience!!

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  1. Happy spring equinox1 It's autumn equinox down here.

    Happy blogversary also!