Saturday, March 15, 2008

The 24th Annual Whale Walk & Run

7:30 AM and the runners and walkers gather by the Laurel Street Deli and Skunk Train Depot. It rained during the night and the clouds look iffy.

Soon the "count down" happened and away we went, the speedy guys and gals long gone and us walking folks marching north on Main Street.

West on Elm Street. The pack is thinning out.

What's this? The race just started and here is someone on Glass Beach Drive who has already been there and back!! I would say they didn't get their twenty dollars worth!!

I arrive at the 5k mark and decide to amble on a bit further to the Virgin Creek Bridge.

More joggers heading for the finish already!

And another one zooming over the Virgin Creek Bridge.

Suddenly I notice I am the only one left! My ambling along and taking photos just isn't cutting it!

The only one slower than me is this night-crawler!!

Woo Hoo. I finish my 5K walk in just under an hour and thirty minutes! I wondered why the Soroptimist Staff was busy taking the signs down behind me as I returned to the starting gate!! That's what's wrong now days; everyone is always in a hurry!!

I watched the awards being handed out while a rainbow peeked over the Skunk Train Depot and then walked home. I was told it was one of the smallest turn-outs in years; probably because of the threatening rain..., that didn't happen. Everyone had a great time, the weather cooperated, the scenery was excellent and the chocolate chip cookie reward to die for!


  1. Great coverage Blab. What fun!


  2. I agree - that's what's wrong nowadays - everyone always in a hurry - but we'll be all right as long as there are people like you stopping to smell the roses and sharing the experience with us.