Monday, April 23, 2007

Otis R. Johnson Park

I happened to notice on Google Maps that E. Laurel Street continues east of Otis R. Johnson Park. I didn’t think so. This morning my walk was to find out. Long story short, it doesn’t. Sanderson Way comes to a dead end.

On my way back to the real E. Laurel Street…

I took a short-cut through Otis R. Johnson Park. I entered at the Cedar Street entrance and took the staircase down into the park.

Most of Fort Bragg is flat and level but this little park is in a gulch with a stream, lots of greenery, large redwood trees and larger redwood stumps. The Skunk Train tracks define the northern boundary. Walking through this park one is immediately transported into deep woods and wilderness and yet Fort Bragg is with-in a block in most every direction!

This is beside the exit (or entrance) to Otis R. Johnson Park from the east end of the REAL

East Laurel Street!

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