Friday, April 20, 2007

Good News

During our week of Spring Break vacation I found myself! Turns out I was about ten miles south of Goffs, California! (traveloge)

When I returned home I had an e-mail waiting for me…

“The City has found a way to preserve the rings in their current locations while making certain the City provides a hazard-free walkway. The plan calls for removing the rings, when necessary but designing the new sidewalk so the rings can be replaced at a lower level – thus avoiding a tripping hazard.”


I thank you fellow bloggers and local friends who sent comments. As my fellow Tie-down ring enthusiast and guiding light said, “It’s wonderful to see the city council and staff are also interested in preserving the bits of our historical identity”.

So, rested and re-inspired I hit the streets this morning looking for any tie-down rings I may have missed. I found one and a half!!

This one, the “half”, is missing its ring and is located on Franklin in front of Racine’s Art and Office Supply. Hopefully we can add a ring when it gets replaced.

This one was a total surprise! I found it on the south side of Oak Street near Main Street. This is my first Red One!!

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