Wednesday, April 4, 2007


This morning I decided to swing through the graveyard. I have never walked around in this area of Fort Bragg before.

It looks quite interesting. Lots of older dates I want to check and local names like MacKerricher.

I'll be back. Hopefully before too long!


  1. Graveyards are cool. Nice stonework, famous local architects represented in the mausoleum section, plenty of local history and all that.

    Looks lovely in the dawn as well. Do you a point-n-snap or a whatist camera?

  2. There's a member of the Donner party buried there.

  3. Hi Spike,

    My camera is sort of a higher end point and shoot whatist camera; a Canon PowerShot S3. I like it but it has so many buttons on it I keep bumping the wrong ones!!

    And, Mr. Haddock,

    Could you give me a name for the Donner Party member. I would like to look that marker.