Thursday, February 1, 2007

Noyo Neon

Although two people have sent me comments saying “Enough with the neon already” I was really excited about walking to Noyo Harbor early this morning to see what they had for neon signs. I was expecting fish neon, crab neon, charter tour neon, all aboard neon but no. I arrived just in time to hear the Coast Guard station announce,
“Reveille, Reveille, zero six thirty, Reveille”!
Looking around I discovered all the shops and stores were closed and dark. No neon then, across the harbor, I spotted one in the window of "Tommy's Marine Service".

A “Miller Lite” neon sign. It was a long shot and required my mini tripod and time exposure but I got it.

Further along North Harbor drive I noticed this at the Anchor Lodge.

That was it for the Noyo Neon!
Walking home I happened to glance east up Oak Street and spotted this at the B&C Deli (Northeast corner of Harrison and Oak). Finally a crab!

Okay. That’s it for the neon, for now.

Tomorrow, good news! The 25% sale at Understuff is complete!

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