Friday, February 2, 2007

25% Off Sale complete!

The sale is complete. I couldn’t resist!
But enough frivolity! Back to the business of 'Walking Fort Bragg" (and learning).

I stopped by the Guest House Museum yesterday (Open 10~2 Thursday and Sundays during the winter) and, with permission, took a photo of:

Chronologic Listing of Buildings & Occupants.
"This diagram to be used with photograph "Fort Bragg City-1890"
Diagram + Information for Union Lbr. Company, by Charles Weller ll”

This “Diagram” is posted below a 1890 photo of Fort Bragg which was taken from the roof of the Elementary School ("#83") fronting Harrison St. between Laurel St. and Redwood Ave. The Elementary School is gone. Currently the property is a park.

I plan to use the guide to locate and photograph the buildings that still exist, fore instance:

#35 The First Baptist Church.

PS. I wonder if Mr. Charles Weller ll was associated with the Weller House, #6?


  1. I have similar maps and it's never occured to me to take them on wlakies. Must remedy.

  2. Charles Weller II was the grandson of Horace Weller of the Weller House.