Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ms. Scruffy.

There is a female Raven in our neighborhood who we noticed was in trouble.  For some reason her primary flight feathers are damage.

She is unable to fly but can hop and flap about six feet.  Her main method of getting around is walking the wires; phone lines, cable lines, power lines.

When the wind is blowing it is quite a trick yet I have never seen her lose her grip!

It is quite obvious why we call her Ms. Scruffy.

We started out feeding her puppy chow last November but soon found out it is much better to feed her protein, the best being scrambled eggs.  By now, she knows where to get scrambled eggs and she shows up most morning and waits for us to bring some out!

She is very entertaining and we hope to get her through the three month summer molt season and hopefully she will grow some new primary feathers.  We'll see.

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