Sunday, June 30, 2013

Early Sunday Morning.

I love having sunlight during my early morning walk.

It has just cleared the coastal hills.


You can see the three most recent tanks added to the Brewery; the three taller ones.

And the finishing touches to some former GP building on the Mill Site.

A few of the hundreds of boats that have been out catching Salmon.

All in all, a very nice morning for taking photos.


  1. Very nice morning light for some great photos, thanks Bor. See ya soon!

  2. Ron, the house at the top this post was owned by my aunt and uncle. They purchased the house from a local contractor, a Mr. Dahl, the previous occupant, shortly after WWII, for what other family members thought was a horrendous amount of money, something like $10,000. The style of house is sometimes called a four square house, because it has two rooms on either side of the central foyer and staircase (with the kitchen and pantry in the back, to the West). As you look at its front porch, to the right is the sitting room, with sliding pocket doors (each with glass panels). Interestingly, the house does not have fireplaces, but instead has a heating furnace, probably rare for a home of this era in Fort Bragg. Upstairs is one bathroom and three bedrooms, and each bedroom has a large closet (consisting of the gables you see on either side of the second story windows). Overall, it was a thoughtful design for a house.

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