Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I've been meaning to mention the SOB's!!

I've been bicycle riding the Haul Road for a couple of years and during that time I met a couple of guys, also retired, who were out riding.  We stopped and talked several times and finally decided to meet at the Skunk Train parking lot at 10:00 each morning and go for a ride. In very short order the SOB's were formed!

And, of course, we decided we needed Jerseys

Over time more and more guys have joined and now we have an unofficial roster of about a dozen!

Hardly ever do we have a full complement at once but here's eight!!

We stop for coffee and a cookie at the end of our ride to replenish lost caffeine and calories!

When we do longer rides we bring along "snackage".

We try to do a longer ride once a week, usually Fridays.  Our "basic ride" is out the Haul Road to it's end just North of Ward Avenue and back.  12 miles.

 This is the end of the haul road.  Beautiful ride.

Here's a lunch break during a Friday "20 miles on the 10 Mile" ride.

Sometimes we ride old logging roads.  Here we are ensconsed with-in a single redwood stump!!

One of our longer rides to Comptche, starting in Mendocino.

We have fun and it is a great group of guys.  We have had ladies join us a couple of times and some promise to return but so far..., nope.

This was a 20 mile loop on a beautiful day.

This was a posed shot for Jim who was actually on vacation in Nicaragua. :-)

If you are in the area and have some time we meet at the Skunk Train Depot Parking lot and leave at 10:00 AM (Sharp)!!

See ya around.

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