Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ronnie's 71st Adventure heading for home

 Up, Up and Away!
Looking back at Oshkosh!

 Farmland.  Each section has a farm house, a family, a cow and they are all made of ticky tacky and they all look just the same!!  Amazing!  
Sorry Breadbasket of America.  It just slipped out!

 I am so glad Jeff bought these sun screens!  The Plexiglas canopy does not stop UV rays like glass car windows.

Marvin, Kevin and Jim joined us for our flight back to the Seattle area.  Most of the time we flew in a "Loose Gaggle" but for a while we practiced formation flying.  Fun but tiring with all the concentration that is required.

 Marvin and Jim out the window.

 Wind mill farms.

 We stop in South Dakota for gas and then....

 a fly-by of Mount Rushmore..., and then,

 Devil's Tower.

 After that some rumply country and then,

 Back to Townsend, Montana for dinner and our last night in the tent.

 Oh boy!  Prime rib!!  Oh no! It's Thursday!!  Bummer!

 Still, Townsend is a nice little town.

 Threatening thunderheads as we lay our heads down for the night.  Oh boy!

 Up in the morning and a final Flight Plan.

 It is just starting to sprinkle as we open the plane and load our gear.

 Ever meticulous, Jeff goes through..., 

 the pre-flight check list.  He never rushes.

 And up, up and away into rain showers and some lumpy flying.

 But soon it clears up and crop circles appear!

 The Cascade Range has clouds covering their tops so we elect to land at Hermiston, Oregon, gas up and check the weather for flying west through the Columbia River Gorge,

 There is a high overcast ceiling but clear below.

 Our "Loose Gaggle" flies through the gorge, turns right, and heads for home.

Post trip, Jeff compiled the numbers.

What a special Adventure!!  Thank you so much, Jeff.  As we said many times during our trip...,