Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ronnie's 71st Adventure Day 1

 Oh Boy!  We're heading for Oshkosh!!  All our camping stuff "just" fits behind the seats!

 This is the plane my son built.  It took him four years.  It is a RV7-A kit plane.  All riveted aluminum.  He and I painted it too.  He has over 160 hours of flying time on it and now it is time to add some more!!

 It was overcast at Jeff's home field, Pierce County Air Park, near Puyallyp, WA but by 11:00 AM there was news on the radio that it was breaking up near Seattle.  We took off, found a hole through the ceiling, gave it the throttle and up through the clouds we went.

 Breaking out on top at 9,500 feet we could see Mount Baker and Mount Rainier in the distance.

It is sunny up here and will be for the rest of the trip.  Fortunately Jeff bought some stick-on sun screens.

 After hanging in the sky for three hours we made our final approach to Townsend, Montana!

 On the field was the RV1.  It has been stopping at various air fields on it's way to Oshkosh where it will be retired and put into the Experimental Aircraft Association Museum.  This year is the 40th Anniversary of the RV and this is the very first one!

 At the Townsend field there was a courtesy van for us to drive into town for dinner.  Nice!

 Downtown Townsend.  Also nice!

 Driving back to the field reminded me of "Ronnie's 70th Adventure" when I bicycled through Montana!  Then I was averaging seven miles per hour.  Now we are averaging one hundred and ninety!

Our tent is set up, the air mattresses and sleeping bags are in place.  Jeff buttons the plane up for the night.

Day 2

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  1. Thanks for all the airplane trip pictures. It looks like you had a special time.