Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sewer repair work

There has been a very interesting process going on in our alleys lately.  The Michels Corporation has been refurbishing our sewer lines with out digging them up.

They can inspect, clean, repair, re-line and improve our old sewer lines, many still existing from the days of clay tile!

I was fascinated by the process of inspecting the pipes.  Here one of the operators is watching the monitor as he controls a machine pulling a camera through a section of pipe.

Here is a close up of the monitor showing the camera's view.

This is the camera.  Actually a spare camera.  Once the pipe has been inspected and cleaned a liner is "blown through", inflated and sealed in place with resin.  Then the camera is pulled through to guide a cutting machine that opens the laterals from businesses and residences back into the newly completed pipe.
Very interesting.  Here's their description of the process.
I believe they have finished this phase of sewer rework and have headed back to Salem, Oregon.
Nice folks.

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