Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Anybody been noticing the contrails recently?

This morning at 10:00 AM.  Just happened to step out the door and look up.

I don't know if the military is playing games or if the flight path between Seattle and San Francisco has changed.

But recently there have been a lot of contrails along the coast.

Maybe the cool, clear, weather we are having causes contrails to persist longer than usual.

Anyone know?



  2. Wrong Dog Breath, they're Chem-trails. Don't breath the air! This is serious stuff, check it out

  3. I have been told they are from the government and it is a conspiracy to sprinkle pathogens into the air and make us sick... or that they are due to the change in our o-zone... or they are from aliens. You may want to check with the aliens that ate the fences. They sounded like they were up to no good. I personally think they are from really really fast seagulls.

  4. Those are nasty chemtrails!!! They are spraying chemicals in a grid pattern over populated areas. Why you ask? We really don't know. Check out documentation on Utube on chemtrails. It is quite startling.

  5. Here's wikipedia's take:

  6. Now need for name calling... Ron's site is usually so full of "nice"... lets not get nasty.