Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Reflecting on a web.

Questions come to mind.
How did the spider get to the stick in the first place?
How did he/she get the "guy wires" over to an anchor point?
How could it change its routine and make a half web?


  1. Wow. Great work by the spider and a fabulous photo.
    Well done with the mile swimming record btw. Also amazing.

  2. Now this is more like it. (enough of the speedo's already) Great shot. I just figured out the lower web is a reflection of the upper one!

  3. Another question: how did I come to find so many spiders attached to the brim of my hat over the last few weeks? How do they get there?

  4. Great picture Ron!
    Spiders can travel long distances through the air by a process called "ballooning".
    Spiders spin long strands of silk that are caught by air currents.
    Then as they "fly" along they await a stick or branch to attach their silk to.

  5. Wow...we've been reflecting on this web for quite a while now....