Friday, May 28, 2010


You may have noticed updates to this blog has been absent for a while.  This blog seems to be hinging at a tipping point.  It could go either way.  Onward or offward.

My morning "walk and gawk" that initiated this blog started to change when I began swimming last December.  I was still getting up at 5:55 AM each morning to walk but to walk to the pool.  Along the way to the pool I discovered my walk coincided with another Fort Bragg morning walker and soon I joining him each morning for his walk up and down Harold Street.  He would then continue home and I would continue to the pool. Mostly walking and talking, not gawking.  (My total walk, 2.6 miles)

After a few months of swimming laps I had increased my swimming to a mile each morning.  Gawking and photographing had pretty much gone by the wayside.  Besides, I had already photographed almost everything, even those hinges!

And besides, I am building a radio controlled sea plane.

And I am going to Seattle for the month of July to help my son paint his RV-7/A home-built airplane.

And the VA wants to fit me with a Loop Monitor to try and figure out the heart "flip flop" I get about every five weeks. "It's not the plumbing, its something in the wiring", they say.

And my wife is still in Seattle taking care of her 94 year old mother.

And I want to go backpacking in the Sierras again in September.

And our model airplane club is hosting an Air Show.

And, and, and.... well, Spring happened, life happened, stuff happened and summer is coming.
My blogging has slipped.
Why title this post 761?
This is my seven hundredth and sixty first post!!
 I'm taking a break.


  1. Ron, You are a life-affirming inspiration. Maybe return to posting later with pictures taken from you son's plane and your treks? Whatever you do, all the best........

  2. I know the feeling, Ron. But I hope you choose Onward.

  3. I totally get it.I've been there.

    You'll be missed. It's been great fun to stay connected to your daily musings and awesome "eye".


  4. I will certainly miss all the pictures and musings. But hope that you will consider coming back after a rest.
    Marlane of Fort Bragg

  5. I've been coming a bit unhinged without your frequent updates on Fort Bragg!

    Wishes for successful journeys in all of your endeavors!

  6. I will miss the daily updates. I trust you will continue walking and gawking, swimming, and playing, and being creative. Just w/o the daily deadline hanging over you.

  7. Hello Ron,
    Thank you for the years of entertainment.
    I've been a everyday reader of your blogs and photos.
    I know it takes time out of your day to put this together and i'm sure its been appreciated by all.
    Enjoy the time off!!

  8. I really enjoy your site, which is saying something because I don't usually visits blogs. I grew up in Fort Bragg but now live in Las Vegas (..gag..) for the sake of my husband's arthritis. As long as you don't do something drastic like delete your blog, we can survive if you take a break.

    My father used to hike the Sierras - maybe you'll feel like taking some photos up there and sharing them. In any case, thank you for the wonderful blog, no matter what you do. And if you don't come back to the blogging, don't feel guilty. Just know that it has been enjoyed. Thank you!

  9. So glad you didn't stop or delete, Ron. Belated congratulations on reaching 761.