Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Up there and Down here

Walking out the door this morning at 6:10 I happened to look up and notice Orion.  I like the Orion Constellation but I also hate to see it because it is the harbinger of Winter.

As an aside, I want to praise my camera!  It is a Canon S3-IS and I have used it for all my blogging photos.  For the above photo I used a tripod, the M for "manual" setting with the speed set at 15 seconds and aperture set at F 3.5.  I chose manual focus and set it to infinity and the shutter delay at 10 seconds.  There is a wee bit of shake apparent because I forgot to turn off the image stabilization so I think the lens was doing a little bit of hunting,  Still in all, a very remarkable "point and shoot" camera.  It is also light enough in weight I decided to take it with me during my backpacking trip.  During that trip I shot 495 photos with the camera set on the highest quality setting and powered it all with just one set of EverReady AA 2,500 mAh rechargeable batteries!!

I took this photo for Mark at Beating the Bounds to prove there is at least a wee bit of civilization in Fort Bragg!

Daybreak one year ago.  Looking west down Maple Street at the mill site.

Same shot this morning at 7:12.

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