Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fog Fun

Mark at "Beating the Bounds" really inspires me with the photos he takes in inclemet weather so waking to heavy fog this morning was looked upon as an opportunity rather than a reason to just roll over and go back to sleep.  The above photo is looking out the gate of Wiggly Giggly park where each morning I start my morning walk by "attempting" four chin-ups and six modified push-ups!

Chris's shop on Franklin was worthy of a photo.

Besides, she sells my Fort Bragg Odditiy shirts!!  Modest plug!

Main Street in the morning. (Also known as Highway 1)

Would you look at that!  6:34 already!

People are starting to move around.

As you can see, the un-molested trees along Franklin Street are really starting to take off.


  1. Great photos! How did you get such glorious colours in poor light? Have you used a filter or photoshop or are the pictures 'as taken'?

  2. No filter but I did use Photoshop Elements "Auto Smart Fix" to enhance the images.

  3. You cannot refer to a par as Wiggly Giggly and leave us no explanation!

  4. Some of your best work! I feel as I'm right there.

  5. I love seeing the Wiggly Giggly gate in a new light. Makes me want to get up bit earlier...perhaps after Daylight Savings time ends.

  6. Wiggly Giggly Park is a very nice playground for the wee folk, Spike.

    But it is all mine at six in the morning!!!