Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Rap

I decided to walk out Cedar Street and return on Oak to see how the repaving was going.  Heading east on Cedar I couldn't help but notice the moon and the radio tower and decided to see if I could get them lined up.  Above is the result!

This mom deer got interested in my effort.  Using the flash gave me this strange result.  How do I know this deer is a mom?

Her kids!  One watching mom to see what she is going to do next and one watching me!!

Meanwhile, paving....  This is where Sherwood Road becomes Oak Street right at the city limit.  The city is having Oak repaved from the city limit to Harold Street and I must admit, Oak Street really needed repaving.

The next street north, Cedar is also being repaved from the city limit to Harold.

As an aside, I have added a Zune MP3 player to my morning walk.  Today was my second day of trying it out.  I like it but I am not sure how much of an impact it is going to have.  Will it distract my "Walking and Gawking" and ultimately my blog?   Not sure.   Currently I have loaded some Podcasts; " This American Life", "Car Talk", and Spanish lessons from "Coffee Break Spanish".

Time will tell.


  1. I've never gotten a player, but sometimes I listen to MP3s on my desktop. If you don't mind amateur readers, you can get free audio books (including short stories and poems, etc.) from Just about everything was published before 1923, so it's in the public domain, and the recordings are given to the public domain. There are hundreds of different readers, so some are good and some are bad. But it's free to download without any registration procedure. Very quick and painless.

  2. Thanks Elane. I will check librivox out.

    And I'm really happy to learn of your blog. I have added your link and, through your blog, links to a whole host of bloggers to the north of me!

    You know how one thing leads to another! :-)