Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I spotted these guys flying east over Corry Street between Alder and Oak. Recent mornings they have been up before sunrise honking and carrying on. I believe they are experiencing Zugenruhe, a German term meaning "migration restlessness."

By the way, I have a theory that geese were the first cell phone users. You may have noticed they are constantly "talking". I think they are saying, "Hi Shelia, I'm almost to the Noyo River. Where are you? "I'm about six birds behind you, Do you want to do lunch?" "No, I'm going to see Bob after we leave the Noyo." "Bob?" "Bob who?" "You remember, he's the awesome bird we saw at Pudding Creek." "Oh wow, he was so Sick!" Etc. Etc.

I wonder if shopping carts experience Zugenruhe.

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