Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Not to go on and on but...

last evening I just had to walk down to Franklin Street and see what sort of sequence the street lamps turned on in. Turned on in? Anyway, at 7:50 PM a few started to light and, as you can see, most of the ones on the west side of Franklin were first. Then the east side lamps started lighting up. By 8:00 PM they were all going. It was fun to watch and try to figure out which one would light next. I noticed when a lamp starts it sort of flares up and then settles down to a small orange glow, like the one you can see across the street in the middle of the photo. Then it becomes brighter. Quite nice!

This afternoon I took a photo to show where the photoelectric sensor or eye is located. It is the little round window a couple inches below the globe.

My brother e-mailed from Coupeville, Washington to explain the staggered lighting phenomena. He says it is quite obvious, the lamps on the east side of Franklin Street are closer to the sunrise! He must be right because last evening the ones closer to the sunset lit first!


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