Friday, September 21, 2007

Noticing Stuff

This is what this sign looked like last year.

This morning I noticed it "re-done".
And I noticed the Noyo Bowl has the image of the former Noyo River Highway One bridge.

This is what the bridge looks like now.

The north end of the Franklin Street project has had unfinished areas that were finally completed as far as could be done. Obviously they got tired of waiting for the power pole to be moved so finished the job with temporary blacktop.

I noticed my shadow while taking a photo of this Great Egret from the Pudding Creek Highway One bridge.
A view from the north end of the Pudding Creek Trestle project.

And finally, I noticed this sign tacked up by a motel near the "Haul Road" hiking trail.


  1. The Noyo sign is way prettier than the current bridge.

    Our park signs are not that friendly and just list the fines in a terse fashion.

  2. Disagree with Spike. The view to the ocean is improved with the new bridge. Come visit.