Monday, September 24, 2007


All this daylight we are saving has made me decide to walk at 6:30 instead of 6:00. It is just too dark at six for taking photos.
Fall is in the air. The Naked Ladies are out and Orion high in the sky.

I have noticed this house before but I don’t remember the fence painted to match the house. Nice!

These buildings have me puzzled. They are located on the west side of Franklin Street across from Purity Market. The one on the left, as you can see, has a false front. Usually buildings with a false front face the street. This one faces a vacant lot. I wonder if it was turned and if so, what about the other one. Or, maybe there used to be a street in front of them. Strange.


This time of year there are groups of Ravens playing high in the sky. They are doing rolls and flips and some even grab feet; one bird right side up the other inverted! This is the equivalent of Friday night cruising, showing off to impress because these are this year’s teenagers and they are looking for a mate. Aerial prowl ness will make an impression. And yes, Raven pair for life.

Someone who follows this blog sent me two links to photos he has taken while Biking Fort Bragg and the surrounding area. His photos make me want to become a better “noticer” and photographer. He is good!

Photos taken in 2007
Photos taken in 2006

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