Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sixty-nine and counting!

Sixty-nine and feeling fine!  Walking and swimming has been a wonderful birthday present to myself.
This coming Wednesday I leave on my eight day solo backpacking trip to the Cache/Creek Bear Creek area.

I have made dehydrated Stir Fry and also dehydrated Stroganoff.  Hopefully they will be a tasty change and/or  addition to my usual lentil soup, black bean soup and cornmeal mush dinners.

I recently ran across Jim Wood's website that had a great suggestion, I hope, for treating that slick silnylon floor my Gosamer Gear "The One" tent has.  I have been ending up at the low side or in the corner during a night's sleep because that tent floor is so slick.  Jim's suggestion is to buy some 100% silicon caulk and some odorless mineral spirits.  Mix at a 1 to three ratio and paint the inside and outside of the tent floor with it.  I just finished the job and the tent is hanging in my garage drying.  That slick floor was the only downside to that tent and hopefully the problem is now taken care of.  The coating will also help maintain the water-proof ability of the silnylon "bathtub" floor.  We'll see.

Here's my tent one year ago, March 20th, when I took it out for it's first test drive.  Spring camping can be  iffy!  Here is a slideshow of that trip.  Hopefully this mid April adventure will lean more towards sun and warmth!


  1. Loved the picture of you with your birthday "cake". Did Lolli make those fudge brownies for you? I hope you have a wonderful backpacking trip and that the weather cooperates. I know we'll be anxious to read all about it!
    Happy Birthday!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Ron .... and have a good trip! All the best, Phil

  3. A belated Happy Birthday to you Ron.

  4. Happy Birthday! Have a great trip!

  5. Thanks for the kind wishes folks. Those fudge brownies were provided by the guys at the flying field, sis.

    Looking at the weather forecast for this coming week it looks like nothing but rain. I may have to slide my backpacking plans one week. Where I plan to go there are no pubs, Inns or B&B's to duck into for elevensies and a warming fire at all!

  6. Happy birthday - Happy Hiking.

  7. Elevensies??? Are we talking 7-11 or late nights? (Hey, you don't even drink!)

    Yeah, you're on top of your game. Congrats and best wishes.

    Just call me Lucy, Charlie Brown.

  8. Congratulations, Ron.
    Happy Birthday!

  9. Happy Birthday, Ron, and many happy returns. You sure are looking great.

    I painted stripes of silicon across the sil nylon floor of my tent. It helps, but I'm going to add more.