Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It's a go!

I have decided to go on my Spring Break Backpacking Trip to the Cache Creek/Bear Creek area even though it looks like the weather will deteriorate towards the end of my trip.  30% chance?  Looks like the glass is more than half full to me!!

This should cover eight days!!  Total weight 28 pounds.
Check back towards the end of April.  I should have a slideshow available.
Y'all take care and enjoy your spring.

By the way, Roz launches April 17th on the third leg of solo rowing across the Pacific Ocean!


  1. Have a great trip! Thanks for sharing your packing list. Interesting. Glad to see the Kindle in the mix. When do you expect to be back in range? I always worry about you (Mom's genes), so just wondering. Love you!

  2. Can't wait to see the pics! Have fun and stay safe.

  3. So, what are the ear plugs for Ron? Its so peaceful out in the backcountry
    you shouldn't need something like that.
    Hope you have a wonderful trip!