Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hare Creek Hike

The blue line from the trailhead south and east is our morning walk.  We walked the Hare Creek logging road for one mile and then turned around and retraced our steps; just under six miles round trip.  I recorded our walk with my GPS and uploaded the "tracks" to Google Earth.  The results are above.  Pretty neat!

And away we go.

I'm told this is Turkey fungus.  Each piece does look like a Turkey tail fanned out.

We had a cloudless blue sky.  Very welcomed after what seems like a week of rain.

Lots of run-off in the Class Three streams.

Could be Art.

I noticed this "Olive Tree?" near our starting point.

A "silly shot" at the trailhead.

Nice hike.  Good folks.  Come join us Wednesday mornings at 8:30.
e-mail if you are interested.


  1. Terrific "light streaming through the trees" shots.

    Are you sure that red tree isn't a maple? It doesn't look like any olive tree I know of.

  2. Nice photos, especially of the light streaming through the trees, the mirror image in the puddle and of the waterfall!