Sunday, March 21, 2010

Saturday Morning

I got up at six this morning for a walk to Mackerricher Park and back; a quick seven miles in a couple of hours.  I'm working on winning the Weight Wace I instituted with my brother and sister at the first of this year.  The goal is to reach (get down to) 165 pounds. 

Each Monday morning we "confess our weight" via e-mail.  It has been quite interesting to see how birthday parties and other "events" affect our Monday morning Weigh-In but, overall, we have been trending in a healthy direction and I say "Good for us!!!" By the way,  I'm the "blue" guy.  Monday is tomorrow.  165 is only two pounds away!!

As for the photo?  The shadow caught my attention during my walk; a shadow cast by the fence at Holmes Lumber Yard caused not by a beautiful early morning sunrise but rather the industrial glow of a Sodium Vapor security light!


  1. Terrific photo. Good luck with your wace!

  2. Lovely picture.

    This weight loss thing.... How's it done? I have gained two pounds in the seven weeks since the start of my 'diet'....

    Ooh! Word = "Wingo" I like that.