Thursday, March 18, 2010

7:38 AM

The lazy sun peeks over the coastal hills almost an hour and a half after I got up!  E-gad!
Some "old timers" checked in concerning the A&W haul road in yesterday's blog.

My friend Eddy wrote:  "The A&W was in the current building that probably is still a pizza place next to the Texaco gas station. The A&W was there for some years after we arrived.  The haul road ran parallel to Cypress St on the south side. You can still see remnants just north of the  Fort Bragg Transmission's parking lot. It also ran through what is now the court house parking lot. There were two side-by-side intersections at Main St and you could use either Cypress or the haul road to enter Main St. When they killed the haul road at Main they realigned the entrance to GP to line up with Cypress. Ah, the 'old days'."

And Rick checked in with:  ""Like many of the logging roads were, they kept the loaded trucks on the high side of the road cut, thus, left handed drive. There were sections where the trucks drove on the left and others on the right. I remember teaching my son to drive out there when the logs were still coming out and it was quite a learning experience for him and trust issue for me."

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