Wednesday, March 3, 2010

70% chance of rain hike!

This was one of the MCLandLoper hikes where we are worried about the weatherman's prediction of 70% chance of showers.  After much discussion back and forth on our Yahoo Group site we decide to go for it.
Here we are at the trail head after a seventeen mile drive east on HWY 20 and six miles up a former logging road.
Off we go!

A wet time of the year and the fungi are happy.

A very nice trail through logged over land.

Spring flowers are happening.

And then down, down.

Down into a small pocket grove of almost old growth redwood.

And the waterfall comes into view!  It is spectacular this time of year.

Interesting root growth covering this rock.


We continue on and use the short-cut back to the logging road and then hike back to the parked cars.

A wee tailgate party for some snackage,

a comparison of cell phone company signal strength and we are out of there.  Not one drop of rain during our hike but it was coming down pretty good when we got back to Fort Bragg.  I guess we used up the 30% of chance of sun!!



  1. Hi Ron, was wondering if you could point me in the direction of this waterfall -- would love to pay it a visit sometime.

  2. The weathermen were so wrong in the UK over the weekend too, they forecast wall to wall rain and snow all weekend - it was quite the opposite.

    I'm starting to lose a touch of faith especially as they said we were to have a mild winter and it was the coldest for 30 years brrrrrrr.

  3. That waterfall is gorgeous! Looks like you're in Hawaii.

  4. To Chris Pugh:

    Think that's the Waterfall Grove Trail in Jackson Demonstration State Forest.

  5. Love the fungi photo! Funny how dry most hikes are on the "chance of rain" days.

    Don't know where you guys were, but it looked like a terrific hike.

  6. Wow one jealous female hiker here! Cannot wait for the melt off here! Thanks for sharing this great hike!

  7. So what company had the best signal?

  8. I haven't been down there in a little over a decade. Thanks for the reminder that I need to get back one of these days when the waterfall still looks like that!

    Good stuff.