Monday, May 26, 2008

Mixed Bag

I'm happy to report the missing Happy Lane sign has been replaced with a new one.

I'm sad to report I drove out to Happy Lane to take this photo instead of walking. For some reason my right foot has been acting up and being sore. My brother suggests maybe I am walking too much but what would a couch potato know! Anyway, I have discovered a sore foot really does govern walking distance!

I'm happy to report the $4.00 price break was broken at our local Chevron during Memorial Day Weekend. Just like I predicted!

I'm sad to report I am leaving for Seattle this week and will be thrust into the experience of filling up three times betwixt here and there.

I'm happy to report I got this award from Mark at Beating the Bounds.

The sad thing is, I got this "award" because my blog reportage has been slipping and, sorry Mark, it will slip even further during these upcoming six weeks my wife and I are in Seattle. Between my sore foot and a 28k phone line at my mother-in-law's house.... well, this "walking" blog will continue to be spotty but don't give up.

Just like I have not given up on:

Suzanne at Strolling Socorro.

And Spike at This isn't Sydney.

Hang in there!!!

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  1. Much appreciated.

    Still on borrowed comp's but havent't dropped out.