Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Mental Gyrations

Monday I had to make a trip to San Francisco. As I left town I noticed this Memorial/Shrine at the corner of Harrison and Oak. I noted the skateboard and thought, oh god!, I hope it wasn't some skateboard kid got hit and killed at this intersection.

When I got home in the evening I asked my neighbor if he had heard anything about some kid getting hit on Oak Street. He has a scanner but he said he has been too busy to listen lately.

This morning, during my walk, I made sure to include the shrine for a closer look. That is when I noticed the word, "Princess". Oh no! A girl skateboarder!! Damn!

C&G market was open across the street so I went in and asked the counter person if she knew anything about the shrine. She said, "Somebody's dog got hit."



  1. Ron -
    I'm not seeing any photos from today and only one (handprints) from Monday. Is it at my end or yours?

  2. I couldn't help but laugh when I read that!
    I really wish they would not allow people to put stuff beside the road. If it was my loved one (or pet) I would not want to be reminded every time I rode by.