Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Blogging Bog

It seems I have run out of images that spark comment or photos! I'm sure it is just me and not Fort Bragg. I'm just going through a phase but it is strange, why now when sunny mornings have finally caught up to my 6 AM time slot? The flower are in full riot, the birds are carrying on! It is all beautiful but....

Meanwhile, the walking part is still happening. I'm still getting up and out the door in the early morning. And, I have a new goal. My goal is to do a two week backpacking hike in the High Sierras this Fall with some avid high Sierra hiking friends. They have been doing it for years. This will be my first time. So, I need to build up my strength, start carrying a pack with progressive weight. I need to learn about light weight foods that contains a lot of energy. I really want to go but I also want to be able to do my part and not be a drag. And....

Lolli and I are going to the Pacific Northwest for all of June and half of July to visit relatives. Since I am not a great visitor I am taking my kayak along! My plan is to keep walking and get in some quality kayaking on Puget Sound between visits!


This blog will cover all these upcoming events but on a more leisurely summer like schedule.

I hope you will check in now and then.



  1. Wow!
    That all sounds very exciting.
    I look forward to hearing all about it.

  2. I'm going to miss your daily...
    But it will be fun to peek in at your new goal.


  3. First, on the subject of few comments, I know how depressing it can be to write something to share and get no response. We're out there, but sometimes have nothing to add.

    On the subject of vacation in the sierras, I did the entire John Muir Trail way back before you had to get a ticket for it. I still carry fond memories of of it. I would suggest foods, but I haven't been out for so long that the technology has long passed me by. I suggest you find some places like REI and Bass Pro Shop and compare their answers. It would be a good project!

    Have fun.

  4. Have you thought of taking photos of every house in town?.. or every business? post a house or two a day and see how long it takes to shoot the whole town.!

  5. Thanks for your thoughts and suggestions.