Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What's going on?

I see Fort Bragg Glass has a face lift and redo of the interior.  It is hard to tell how big that new front door is in this photo but stop by and check it out,  It is massive!!

The house just south of MCTV (footlighters) is being restored after it's close call with fire.

 The town is enduring street resurfacing once again but it will be nice when it is completed.  Above is Harold Street looking south from the Laurel Street intersection.

And this is looking west down Pine from Harold.
Quite a few streets around town are getting this treatment.  Stripping will be next but when it is all done we will be happy again!

 Major work is happening at Otis Johnson Park.  This is looking at that "always wet and muddy" section of trail going down from the Laurel Street entrance.  The "seep" has been redirected and a retaining wall installed.

 Down at the bottom there is a new bridge being installed over the small stream.

A second bridge is being constructed over the larger stream in the northern part of the park.  There was an earlier bridge, near this area, it has been gone for years.

Otis Johnson Park is a nice cluster of second growth redwood with in walking distance of down town.
Quite amazing.  Check it out!

The whole town is very sad about the recent killing of our friend Jere Melo.
Here is the most recent information.

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