Friday, August 26, 2011

I'm back!

Enough bicycle madness.

I'm back and I am planning on getting this blog back on track.
"Ronnie's 70th Adventure" took a big chunk out of this blog but even before that I had become side tracked by walking with a friend.  My friend likes to walk a fixed route, three miles, at a fixed time, 6:00 AM.  It is nice to have a friend to walk with but 6:00 AM is dark most of the year and doing the same route day after day cut way back on my observations about town.  So, now I'm back on my own, wandering around and seeing what's going on in our wee seaside town.

Here is one of the first things I noticed.
See it?

I don't either!  In the foreground is where the original "funky" restrooms were located at Bainbridge Park!  In the distance is the new restroom facility.  That's Wiggly Giggly playground behind the trees.

And here is an interesting fix for graffitti.

The back loading door to Racine's Art supplies was tagged a while ago so they hired a professional to "tag it".  Much more interesting.