Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lunar Stolstice Eclipse Plus!

 I noticed the full moon out the window last night reminding me there was going to be a special Lunar Solstice Eclipse in a few hours.
This lunar eclipse was to be the first to fall on the winter solstice since 1638. The next solstice eclipse won't be until 2094!!
 Question being, with all the rain squalls, would it be visible here in Fort Bragg?

Yes!!  At 11:10 PM I got a break through the clouds!
The earth shadow well on its way to covering the moon.
That was it for me.  The clouds returned and I went to bed.

In the morning I discovered Cotton Auditorium's marquee in total eclipse!!
Coincidence?  I think not!!


  1. I didn't remember until 2a.m. and by then it had started to rain. OK, I admit it, I'm a fair weather eclipse watcher. Happy to have your photo and those on Fort Bragg's Facebook page...
    thanks for sharing!

  2. You were fortunate. Here it was totally obscured for the entire duration.

  3. Nice pics!!! But the big question is . . . did you still get up at 6:30 am and walk or swim?

  4. Actually I get up at 5:45 AM and yes, I walked three miles and swam one. Home by 8:00 AM.
    Thank you very much!!