Saturday, July 24, 2010

Grand Paw was getting grumpy.

Too many hours, too many fumes, too much dust.  Shaved off the beard to help make the face mask fit better but just getting way to grumpy.

Hours of sitting and sanding, sitting and sanding.  It's never gonna end!

And then.....,  there's my grandson needing some help putting his plane togther.  So..., Well, why not!  Take a break.  Kick back.  Do something fun!!

Later my son called from work to say the weather forecast is good, let's rent a plane and fly to Hoquiam for a hamburger!!!   Whoot Whoot!

The view leaving the Tacoma Narrows airport.  The old and new Tacoma Narrows bridges.

On final for Hoquiam airport.

Return flight past the never finished nuke plant, Satsop, with Mt. Rainier in the distance.
All in all, a very nice break.
Today, Saturday, my other son is taking me to the Puyallup "Good Guys" Annual Auto Show.
But, Monday is coming.

1 comment:

  1. Grand Paw Ron....Don't worry, the beard will grow back. Its a small price to pay.
    All this hard work will pay off in the end and your son will have a beautiful plane.
    I know this for sure!!
    Keep up the good work.