Monday, December 3, 2007

Wimped Out

A storm system is coming through. I woke to wind and light rain. I decided to skip my morning walk so let me take you back to to a more gentler time, last Friday,

when "Short Legs" and I did our alley walk. Here are some more photos from that walk and I have a question. Why would a Tulip Tree be budding and blooming on the 30th of November?

This tree and shadow pattern caught my eye.
Some more backyard outbuildings and a typical split redwood fence.

I have photographed this pole before but the lighting was better this time. It is an old redwood pole very similar to the two power poles that were recently removed from Laurel and Harold, square with the "hip cut" top.

And this guy has always been in the wrong light with the surrounding shrubbery too high. With the Autumn foliage die-back and receding afternoon light, I finally got him.

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