Monday, July 23, 2007

Back on the Beat

Okay. Okay! Today is my “official” beginning of hitting the streets, post vacation. I tell you, vacation is rough. I didn’t walk much but I sure did eat. I gained five pounds!

But, that was then. This is now.


I decided this morning to see what’s happening with the “Put In” Creek trestle. I heard work had resumed. Along the way I spotted the above bumper sticker which, to my mind, sort of sums up the national mood.

As you can see, the Marine Layer is in and the trestle, barely in view. Summertime on the Pacific coast usually involves fog. July and August for sure. Sometimes even into September. A lot of people in the central valley like to come here to get out of their 100 plus temperatures.

At the north end of the trestle I discovered some equipment in place but I can’t see that much has happened since I left six weeks ago. I understand September is the new completion date.

On the way home I noticed the Episcopalians have had a change of heart. Good. I didn’t like the anti skateboard message they had stenciled on their sidewalk and I don’t even skate!

Some folks have asked what that baby bird was on my previous blog. It is a House Finch and, as you can see, it is one of FIVE! The nest was at my mother-in-law’s house in north Seattle.

Now, back to Harry Potter.

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