Saturday, November 2, 2013

Tomki Fall Color Ride

My friend Bob and I took the Mendocino Coast Transit bus from Fort Bragg to Willits, unloaded our bikes, rode to the Country Skillet for breakfast.  We let the cool morning fog burn off a bit and then headed east on Commerce Street, on to Hurst/Willits road and then up and over Canyon Road to Tomki Road.  Then the fun began.  Tomki road has 9 "fords" where the county road crosses Tomki Creek.








#8  (a dry one!)

#9 (This one has a submersible culvert which gets over run during winter storms.)

Tomki Road is closed during rainy season.

From Tomki up and over into the Redwood Valley drainage.

Two thumbs up at the pass when Redwood Valley came into view.

The turn-off to the Buddhist Monastery.

A stop at the Frey Winery where we visited with my friend Allison, got a tour of the facility and I "did my thing".  If you have watched HBO's "Deadwood", you will understand!!

Down into Redwood Valley and the intersection.  We stayed on East Road, stopped at the Redwood Valley Store for snackage and then south to Ukiah.

I almost lost Bob in the grapes!

Ukiah and Fall Color!

Back on the bus at the Pear Tree Shopping center and return to Fort Bragg.

A twelve hour day.  Thirty miles of peddling.  Somewhat tired but satisfied!


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  1. Hi, Ron! I started following your blog in 2006 or 2007, maybe, steered here by Spike of ThisIsntSydney. I haven't checked in in years, though, for a variety of reasons ... and tonight I'm so happy to find you still here, still clicking away, still amazing. So, hello!
    ~Suzanne, formerly of CatronCountyWalk