Sunday, October 6, 2013

We SOB's accepted the Challenge!

October 5th was the 24th Annual Konocti Challenge.  There were three bicycle ride opportunities, 40 miles through the vineyards, 65 miles around Clear Lake, and 100 miles for those with nothing better to do!  This year five SOB's rode the 65 miler and one SOB rode the 40.

The start and finish is in Lakeport, CA.

7:00 Saturday morning.  45 degrees and no wind!!  There had been strong winds the previous week!

Gathered at the start line and rolling at 7:30AM.

Passing through Clearlake we spotted a sign that could meet all our needs!!

Rest Stop #2 not only had all the snackage one could want, they also offered free massage!

Rest Stop #5 with it's French Revolution Theme offered beheading which is a perfect way to eliminate suffering!!

3:30 PM and back at the Finish.  66.4 miles traveled at a moving average of 11.7 MPH.
Pretty darn good for us old farts!

Post ride dinner, by the lake, provided by Konocti Challenge.
An excellent day, great people, all the snackage, power drinks, and support one could want.
We all agreed, "We don't feel too bad!  Let's do it again next year!!"
Whoot!  Whoot! Go SOB's!!

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