Sunday, October 30, 2011

Biking to Elk.

I use to live in Elk.  The weather was perfect for a bicycle ride.  My friends Ben and Tawny said they would put me up for the night so it turned into a wonderful two day round trip.


Crossing the Navaro Bridge.

I visited my rug weaving friend at the Elk Community Cemetery.

 Then, on into Elk.
I noticed the population sign didn't change whether I lived there or not!
Something very "Greenwoodian" about that!!

 Arrived at the Elk Store where I visited with Mr. Ben, had some snackage, then walked around town to visit Prue, Charlie, Mary and Jerry and Not Bob. (Mr. Bob was on vacation!)!

Next, the two mile push up Greenwood/Philo Road... Uff Da!!,
 to visit Bill and Lydia!

Followed by three more miles out Philo/Greenwood to visit Eduardo and see the new house he is building!

Back to Ben and Tawny's for a shower, pizza, beer, and catching up on our respective lives.

Next morning a quick breakfast and down Cameron, across the Navarro Bridge and...

the Navarro Grade.

Actually, as is my want, I worried about this grade more than it was worth.
I stopped and posed this shot part way up but was actually able to pedal the whole thing with just a couple of rest stops waiting for a clear shot around blind curves between cars.

Being retired and all, I stopped by Van Damme beach for a wee rest. :-)

Passing through Mendocino I spotted this hawk

and even caught it just as it "flew the coop"!  Pretty bird!

Sixty-three miles round trip including "up" Greenwood/Philo and "down" Cameron.

Traffic wasn't too bad this time of year and, did I mention, the weather was perfect!

It was wonderful to finally catch up with all my old friends, see our beautiful coast up close and personal.
A special "Thank You" to Ben and Tawny for their great hospitality.


  1. Yes, I've been noticing the fabulous weather you're having. Thank you for posting Vincent's memorial stone. I didn't know about it.
    Good for you! Terrific ride.

  2. What a great ride that must have been! Cheers, Ron!