Monday, September 12, 2011

New app.

My brother in Coupeville, Washington introduced me to a new app. for smart phones.
It is called, "My Tracks".
It will record my movements when I turn it on and at the end of my walk, biking, swimming, I upload the information.  The end result is a map of my walk and a page of statistics!
Completing this morning's walk to Mckerricher State Park and back my smartphone looked like this.

Here are the uploaded statistics.
"Enbiggen" for a better view.

Yesterday's bike ride around town looks like this on my home computer.

(I was checking out all the dead ends!)

Then my brother e-mailed me a new twist!

HELLO formed by selectively walking some of the streets in Coupeville!!

I am contemplating a rebuttal!!

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