Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Still kicking!

 The view from the VA cafeteria!
 Another heart shaped rock for Lolli!  This one I couldn't carry!


Just in time for Halloween Holiday Sales.

 Tourists in a tunnel by the Sutro Baths.  She is taking a photo.

 After my "procedure", on my way to my sister and brother-in-law's for a little nursing, care and recovery, I had a flat tire!!  I had it changed in twenty minutes and didn't pull any stitches!!

 Just a small incision anyway.

 Didn't keep me and my sis from Walking and Talking and Gawking!

Sis shooting lichen.

I even flew my electric sailplane!

Thanks for the great time D&D.

Now I am back in Fort Bragg, Walking and Healing.  I will be able to resume swimming in about two weeks!


  1. Great view of the bay from the cafeteria Ron.
    I hope the food was good.
    Walking is the best therapy.
    Glad you are doing fine.

  2. So many great photos! That cafeteria shot beats the Cliff House! Like the profile of you against the gray sky and setting sun.