Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Burn Days

Burn Days make for spectacular morning light but I wonder how much longer the practice will be allowed.


  1. Yeah, as I recall "red in the morning" is supposed to be a warning of some type. Perhaps it wasn't just a harbinger of bad weather but of us destroying the planet. That said, I had a boatload of spent grape vines that I sure wish I could have built a bonfire with!

  2. Beats waiting for Nature to take its course & do a really big burn!

  3. Nice pictures Ron!
    I live on a large piece of property and burning is really the only way to get rid of brush and downed tree branches, etc., etc.
    There is no other way to remove it accept for burning.
    I know the enviromental rules are closing in on us and you are right about how much longer will burning be allowed.

  4. Great moon! I've been enjoying fabulous moon-rises here as well.