Monday, June 11, 2007


The sun is clearing the coastal hills by 6:05AM now and I am walking in sunlight. Just what I have been looking forward to for months but it seems to have affected my blogging and I'm not the only one. My walking/blogging buddies, Jen of Walking Berkeley, Spike of This isn't Sydney, Gary of Runs Brooklyn and Suzanne of Catron County Walk are also lagging in the blogging department for various reasons. Our, almost, daily postings have wained. Maybe approaching summer makes it harder to stay indoors and blog. Hopefully it is just a seasonal thing, a time of many other things to do.

Speaking of which; I'm going to be gone a month visiting my family and friends in the Pacific Northwest. While there I hope to maintain my morning walks and may find something of blogging interest. Check in, now and then.

By the way, here is one more chimney I couldn't pass up without taking its photo. The early morning sun had just found it!


  1. Hi, Ron -

    I'm not writing - seem to have lost my voice - but still reading, and I love you for being so constant. Looking forward to experiencing the PNW vicariously through your blog.

    Happy travels -- Suzanne

  2. You are an interesting writer. I hope you get back to it.

    I wrote a column for a local paper for 8 ½ years and never took a lesson. My spelling is bad but spellcheck makes me better! I still have trouble with commas and what not but it is the story, not the perfect writing, that makes things interesting. Besides I love the area you are writing about. All us town and city dwellers need the fresh air of your perspective.

  3. I agree, Ron! It is definitely harder to blog in the summer. I've been spending so much time out walking in Berkeley and elsewhere that there isn't much time for writing or online reading.
    Nice shadow image!

  4. Ron said: it is the story, not the perfect writing, that makes things interesting

    Dead right Ron.

    Depths of winter here, not summer, but life seems to be conspiring to keep me from enjoying my usual walkies.

  5. Outside of my partying & being a slacker, slackline i didn't do a whole lot this weekend. got a chance to hang out with my momma and daddy & enjoyed a nice lunch/movie day with my brothers :) i wish weekends could be longer.